Paragliding Tandem Flight, Weekday

Paragliding Tandem Flight, Weekday

Stanwell Park -  229

Paragliding Tandem Flight, Weekday

Stanwell Park $229
  • Full safety briefing
  • Fly within a few steps
  • Professional instructor

Tandem Hang Gliding, Weekend Flight

Wollongong $322
  • Glide over the ocean
  • Professional tandem glider
  • Includes in-flight photos

Tiger Moth Joy Flight, 30 Minutes

Cressy $295
  • 1940s Tiger Moth
  • Biggles gear
  • Magnificent views

Tiger Moth Yarra Highlights, 20 Minutes

Yering $199
  • Vintage flying
  • Open cockpit 1930s style
  • 20 minute flight
Paragliding Weekend Tandem Flight

Paragliding Weekend Tandem Flight

Stanwell Park -  249

Paragliding Weekend Tandem Flight

Stanwell Park $249
  • Full instruction
  • Fly like a bird
  • Take the controls
Introduction to YAK-52 Aerobatics

Introduction to YAK-52 Aerobatics

Archerfield -  495

Introduction to YAK-52 Aerobatics

Archerfield $495
  • 25 minute flight
  • High Gs
  • Russian YAK-52

Ballooning the Yarra Valley with Breakfast, Child

Yarra Valley $345
  • 1-hour flight
  • Hotel pick up
  • Buffet breakfast

Trial Instructional Flying Lesson, 30-Minute

Bacchus Marsh $125
  • Full briefing
  • 30-minute flight
  • Dual controls
Warbird Aerobatic Flight

Warbird Aerobatic Flight

Rutherford -   $330 306

Warbird Aerobatic Flight

Rutherford $306
  • Russian YAK52
  • Full introduction
  • 15 minute flight
Melbourne City Helicopter Tour for 3

Melbourne City Helicopter Tour for 3

Melbourne City Centre -  745

Melbourne City Helicopter Tour for 3

Melbourne City Centre $745
  • 20-minute flight
  • Amazing scenic location
  • CBD based

Russian YAK52 Aerobatics Flight over Moreton Bay

Archerfield $465
  • 30 minute flight
  • High G forces
  • Beautiful Moreton Bay

Hot Air Balloon Flight Northam, Avon Valley

Northam $380
  • 1-hour flight
  • Beautiful sunrise
  • Champagne breakfast

Tiger Moth Aerobatics, 20 Minutes

Yering $320
  • Vintage airplane
  • Aerobatic fun
  • Yarra Valley location

Tiger Moth Flight with Mild Aerobatics, 45 Minutes

Cressy $490
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • 45 minute flight
  • Magnificent views

Weekday Hot Air Balloon Flight, Avon Valley

Northam $330
  • Help inflate the balloon
  • Breakfast included
  • 1-hour scenic flight
Intense Aerobatics in an Extra 330LX

Intense Aerobatics in an Extra 330LX

Bankstown Aerodrome -  547

Intense Aerobatics in an Extra 330LX

Bankstown Aerodrome $547
  • Neck numbing fun
  • Loops, barrel rolls, wing overs
  • Taste G-Forces from 8G to -4G

Seaplane Fly and Dine at Cottage Point Inn

Sydney $605
  • Exclusive experience
  • Dock at the restaurant
  • 3-course lunch

Avon Valley Hot Air Balloon Flight, Weekday

Northam $330
  • Witness the first signs of dawn
  • Drift at 3,000 feet
  • Champagne breakfast

Tandem Hang Gliding Adventure, Weekday

Wollongong $300
  • Glide over the ocean
  • A thrill of a lifetime
  • Inflight photos included
Flight Simulator, 1 Hour Flight

Flight Simulator, 1 Hour Flight

Brisbane Airport -   $295 236

Flight Simulator, 1 Hour Flight

Brisbane Airport $236
  • Learn how to Captain
  • 1 hour of cockpit fun
  • Qualified co-pilot

Cook Island Aquatic Reserve Flight

Coolangatta $99
  • Vertical takeoff
  • Beach views
  • 10 minute flight

Ballooning the Yarra Valley with Breakfast

Yarra Valley $440
  • 1 hour sunrise flight
  • Includes transfers
  • Champers breakfast
Upright Adventure Flight Airlie Beach

Upright Adventure Flight Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach -   $299 278

Upright Adventure Flight Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach $278
  • Breathtaking views
  • 9 cylinder YAK 52
  • Airlie Beach backdrop

Intense Aerobatics in a Pitts Special, 30 Minutes

Bankstown $547
  • 30 minute flight
  • Birds eye views
  • Stomach turning aerobatics

Tiger Moth Flight with Mild Aerobatics, 30 Minutes

Cressy $375
  • 1940s WWI Tiger Moth
  • 30-minute flight
  • Mild aerobatic thrills

Tiger Moth Flight, 45-minutes

Cressy $410
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • 45 minute flight
  • Views of the surrounding areas
Fighter Pilot Experience

Fighter Pilot Experience

Archerfield -  2150

Fighter Pilot Experience

Archerfield $2150
  • In depth briefing
  • 25 minute flight
  • High speed aerobatics

Hot Air Ballooning with Breakfast, Melbourne

Melbourne $530
  • Fly in style
  • 1-hour flight
  • Includes breakfast

Sydney Harbour Joy Flight with Mild Aerobatics

Bankstown $647
  • Pitts Special S2A
  • See all the sights
  • Mild aerobatics to finish

Weekday Canberra Hot Air Balloon Flight

Canberra $330
  • Help set the balloon up
  • 45-60 minute flight
  • Celebratory champers

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For something that will get his gyros spinning, there's nothing like a vertical lift off in a helicopter. Available in most of Australia's cities, you can get a fresh perspective of the CBD, from Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge to the Melbourne MCG. Flights are available as both public and private flights with window views for all.

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How about classic flying instead? Thrill to the put-put-put of the prop firing up and the whiff of the fuel as it's chocks away for a Tiger Moth flight. This is no ordinary flight. Your guy will be head to toe in the same regalia that men wore during the wars, Biggles style. And if it's Redcliffe, he can enjoy the history that awaits in the pilots waiting room.