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Weekday Balloon Flight with Breakfast, Avon Valley
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Grab your sense of airborne adventure and prepare to board a hot-air ballooning flight above the beautiful Avon Valley to witness a sunrise like never before.

  • Observe your balloon come alive before your very eyes as it slowly inflates.
  • Climb into the waiting basket and feel the anticipation of floating into the sky.
  • Rise towards the clouds and feel the exhilaration of pure silence.
  • Includes breakfast at Northam
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rise into the sky and float amongst the clouds like a bird? There is no other mode of transport that compares to a hot air balloon, and with this adventure, you will experience all this incredible adventure has to offer. The only question is, are you ready?

Imagine yourself standing before a slowly-inflating hot air balloon, the top of it slowly disappearing into the shadows as it towers above the landscape. Once fully inflated, your pilot gives the OK to board, and you climb into the basket with an air of excitement that's about to experience the ultimate airborne adventure.

Feel the rush of slowly rising into the sky until you're face to face with the clouds themselves. With Avon Valley stretching out far below, marvel at one of the best seats in the house. The only thing better is to witness a sunrise of truly epic proportions, and that's what happens next when the first rays cross the distant horizon. Your ultimate adventure awaits. Ready?

Ballooning is weather dependent, flights are cancelled if the pilot deems it not safe to fly.

The whole experience lasts from three to four hours, with 1 hour spend in the air.

The experience runs from May till November and is available for flights on weekdays, Monday to Friday.

Valid for one person.  Up to 16 people can be in the balloon at once.

Children must be 6 or older to participate in a balloon flight. Ballooning is a gentle sport and requires no strenuous effort. Participation in the setup and packing of the balloon is extremely welcomed but not mandatory. 

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