Dive with Sharks at Sydney Aquarium, Weekday

Darling Harbour $239
  • 90 min. training
  • 30 min. dive with sharks
  • Professional instruction
Shark Dive Experience

Shark Dive Experience

Melbourne -  319

Shark Dive Experience

Melbourne $319
  • Learn to use scuba gear
  • Learn to breath underwater
  • 30 minute dive
Swim with Sharks at Sydney Aquarium

Swim with Sharks at Sydney Aquarium

Darling Harbour -  299

Swim with Sharks at Sydney Aquarium

Darling Harbour $299
  • Get up close to sharks
  • 30 minutes in the tank
  • 2.5 hour experience

Shark Dive at Melbourne Aquarium, Monday

Melbourne $319
  • Close and personal
  • Breathe underwater
  • 30 minute swim

Great White 4 Day Getaway, Surface Cage Diver

Port Lincoln $1995
  • 23 metre boat
  • Get up close
  • No scuba experience required

Dive with the Sharks at Cairns Aquarium, Child

Cairns $249
  • Thrilling and safe
  • Get up close
  • Pro trainers

Dive with the Sharks at Cairns Aquarium

Cairns $299
  • Scuba training
  • Get up close
  • Learn from Aquanuts

What You Can Expect From A Swim With Sharks

Being scared has never been such fun! Honest. Of course getting up close and personal with sharks would not normally be classed as fun if it were out in the open seas, but this dive with sharks is nothing as scary as that. Well maybe a little bit. It all depends how easily scared you are! But really there's nothing to worry about...mainly because you won't be swimming alone. You'll have an expert diver with you, and you'll be just like them in wetsuit, and full scuba gear.

In fact, your heart-stopping shark dive in sydney or melbourne begins with a full SCUBA theory session before it's time to put your theory into practice with an hour long pool session where you get to experience the underwater environment for the first time. Then it's time for your shark swim to begin as you explore an exciting new world where marine creatures pass by and allow you to witness first-hand their daily lives. And boy, they won't disappoint you!

There are nurse sharks, gill sharks, Port Jackson and gummy sharks as well as sting rays and a whole host of other fabulous marine life to enjoy. Scary? Nah. In fact, we reckon this dive with sharks is an experience you will want to repeat again and again!