Runaway Bay $150
  • Sheltered waters
  • Perfect your technique
  • Snacks included


Perhaps one of the most unpredictable water activities of all time, would have to be fishing. Bait your hook, drop the line in and hold your breath, never knowing what will end up dangling from the hook once you reel it back in.

Whether it's a full day of deep-sea fishing adventure in Mooloolaba, or a half-day off the coast of St. Kilda, the anticipation and excitement of not knowing what will be caught is just as present. And that's what makes this timeless activity such an attraction.

Holding a history spanning the entire course of human existence, fishing is an age-old tradition that was used for hunting food, providing sustenance day in and day out. With the evolution of equipment and knowledge, the thrill of fishing has only continued to grow, the appeal of the sport reaching further than ever before. This is still the best way to connect with an ageless tradition. Climb aboard one of the countless vessels that's purpose built to provide you with the best opportunity of landing that big one. With all the proper equipment and bait provided for you, including expert advice and guidance, fishing has never been more popular than it is right now. The only question is what you will land once you drop your line in.

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