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V8 Front Seat Hot Laps
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Watch the world go by with a front seat vantage point on this thrilling hot lap experience - all without the worry of taking the wheel yourself.  

  • Receive a briefing to learn about the vehicle, the track, apexes and race lines.
  • Suit up, helmet on and get ready for the revs.
  • Ride in the front seat of a V8 race car
  • Hold on for 2 hot laps in the passenger seat with your in car coach at the wheel.
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Why not try out the front seats of our V8? Get ready to feel the power in your rear end!

You'll be given a safety briefing, wear the appropriate safety gear and get into our specially designed V8 race car. It's built to provide passengers with maximum control and awareness of what is happening around them.

With two hot laps to keep you entertained, your skilled CAMS-qualified driver will race down the straight —braking hard —to give you a thrill. Professional racers are the only ones who can do that.

Get to ridiculous speeds and feel the G-forces that race drivers find addictive.

For the safety of everyone, your ride may be postponed due to poor weather conditions.  If this occurs, you will be able to rebook a later date.  A weather check is available from 7am advising track conditions.

Allow 1 to 2 hours for the entire event which includes briefing and the ride itself.

Race days are held on selected weekends for Tasmania, so we recommend you book in early.

Valid for one person.

You must be over 12 years of age to participate. Max participant weight is 130 kg.  You must be drug and alcohol free.

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