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Team Survivor Challenge
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When even lighting a fire can be a struggle, can your team learn the skills needed to survive an aircraft incident in the wild.

  • Personal training from facilitators with real life background from ex military to experience surviving in the wilds of Africa.
  • Learn the survival ropes from navigation, hunting, archery, finding water, fire lighting, bush tucker and more.
  • Bush experiences, team work and survival skills
  • Come outside and play
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Think you could survive the wild?

Maybe you're a survivor that knows all the techniques needed to last the duration? But then like most of us even lighting a fire can be a struggle.

Well, now you can try out some of the fun stuff that the military get up to, without having to do any of the scary bits.

First off you'll be met by the facilitation team and split into two teams and equipped for the challenge. Blindfolded and at a secret location you enter a downed aircraft.

With smoke pouring in, you need to exit the plane and treat the injured. The groups' survival will be determined by their use of resources.

You're in good hands.

Ultimately you need to survive and find a way out. Can you make it happen?

This is an all weather experience and all activities take place outdoors. In extreme weather conditions, the experience may be postponed. If postponed, a date can be rescheduled with the operator.

The experience runs for approximately 2-3 hours from initial briefing to completing the course, duration can vary due to your timeframe

Available throughout the year.

Valid for up to 20 people. Please, contact us if you have a bigger team so we can assist and get the whole team in.

You'll be required to sign a disclaimer before taking part.  This experience can be tailored to suit your teams demographics and desired learning outcomes.  Catering available upon request.

Minimum age is 14.  You'll need to be of at least average physical ability. This experience isn't suitable for people with physical disabilities although hearing vision impaired participants are welcome.

Please see the following page for information on our Packaging and Delivery.

I was very pleased with quality of service I received at all stages especially with the planning as Ray came up with a fantastic theme which made the day fun, competitive and different to any other team building day I have ever been involved with. The feedback from our staff was that it was fun, interactive and a unique day.

I really enjoyed obtaining the pragmatic survival skills, but was also appreciative of the metaphors it reminded of us in our business. For example, the ability to keep the fire available (and portable) using an ember in a lump of dried cow dung placed in a hollow piece of log. In one “Survivor” television series, I recall the huge amount of time spent by a Team just keeping the fire alight (after it took about three hours to get the fire started). In our business, we need to think pragmatically about whether we are “burning” more resources than we need. It also prompted me to reflect whether we are “anchored” to a single position because we are scared that we may have to go through the arduous process of starting again… when we should be thinking about the equivalent of “an ember and a bit of dried cow dung”.

THE BEST CAMP EVER. We learnt things that were exciting and interesting.