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Under Water Scooter Tour
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Discover how the underwater scooter makes exploration of the big blue effortless and easy in this incredible tour of Sydney’s marine life.

  • Suitable for all levels of experience from beginner to expert
  • Receive training and guidance from a certified dive master
  • Cruise above and below water line with the scooter
  • All gear is provided from mask, wet suit, boots, fins and a powered scooter
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Embrace the big blue with ease by taking to the water using a powered scooter.  It’s fun and easy.  The powered scooter means you travel effortlessly at a comfortable speed of 5 kph.  At this speed, you can take in everything around you.

With a professional, certified diving master to help you have a great experience, you’ll learn about the diving location and how best to use the equipment.  Soon you’ll be walking backwards in your fins and taking to the water.  With the scooter, you can glide along the surface of the water and dive deep to discover the underwater world up close. 

And there’s lots of it.

The selected location is carefully chosen for its diverse marine life and its tranquil waters.  So you can experience the great array of sea life from Big Blue Gropers to stingrays and octopus.   Underwater scootering is the perfect way to see what lies beneath and enjoy the ocean's peaceful atmosphere.

Tours are affected by the weather and may be rescheduled in extreme weather or poor underwater conditions.

The tour runs for 90 minutes.  You need to allow 2 hours at the venue.

Available all year round.

Valid for one person. 

You need to be comfortable in the water and be capable of swimming 50m.  Wetsuit sizes are available from XS to 4XL.

Suitable for all ages years 16 and up. Not suitable for expecting mothers.

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