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Ballooning Byron Bay with Breakfast, Child
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Climb aboard for a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Byron Bay countryside and experience the thrill of watching a sunrise from the best vantage point possible.

  • Rise into the skies aboard a wondrous hot air balloon.
  • Marvel at the immense beauty of the lush countryside.
  • Experience the amazing silence of floating on nothing but air.
  • Gaze across the skies for a sunrise like never before.
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Hot air ballooning is an age-old mode of transport that provides one of the most exhilarating experiences on the planet. Whether a thrill chaser, landscape admirer, or just someone who enjoys airborne adventure, this experience is perfect if you love trying something truly out there. With this flight, there is so much to experience, all from the comfort of your flying balloon.

Watch as your vehicle comes alive, growing with each blast of hot air, before eventually towering over the landscape. Climb aboard and feel the anticipation of lift off, before rising ever so gently into the predawn sky, ascending into the skies above the beautiful Byron Bay landscape. And once you reach cruising altitude, it’s time to take it all in.

With nothing but silence, watch as the sun slowly rises over the beautiful coastline, the gentle breeze nudging you across rolling hills. This is the ultimate viewing experience, giving you the very best vantage point for a sunrise you will never forget. Are you ready to experience this timeless adventure for yourself?

In the case of windy, wet or foggy weather the flight may be cancelled at the pilot's discretion. The pilot usually confirms if the flight can proceed during the passenger phone check-in the night prior to the flight. 

Please allow approximately four hours in total from check in to breakfast.  The flight itself is one hour. Meeting time is approximately 45 minutes before sunrise.

This experience is available all year round with flights taking place at sunrise when the wind is at its calmest.

Valid for one child. There will be a minimum of four people in the basket with you during your flight.

You should advise the operator of any medical condition that may preclude you from flying such as serious knee, hip or back problems, recent surgeries or broken bones or pregnant. The minimum age for this experience is 7 years old.

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