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Night Theatre at Werribee Park Mansion for 2
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An evening of theatrical performance and mystery awaits at this stunning setting inside the grounds of Werribee Park Mansion.

  • Enjoy a night of mystery at the authentic Werribee Park Mansion
  • Delight as the servants, Maggie and Mr. Duncan, help you discover what haunts the mansion
  • Share in the laughter with the fun antics and personalities of Maggie and Mr. Duncan
  • Includes a glass of bubbly or soft drink and a few treats
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Set in the 19th century and based on the true story of the Chirnside family, the play “What Was That” is a mystery night tour performance that is truly captivating. 

Set in the historic Werribee Mansion, the play flourishes with a unique atmosphere.  You could be forgiven for thinking you are right back in July 1908 inside the home of the Chirnside family.

July 1908 is just weeks after the death of Mary Chirnside.  Her death was the result of a horrific accident.  The house has taken on a new air - things are moving, people are hearing strange noises and even seeing ghostly figures.

What are those sounds in the mansion? Who lived here? What was that?

Two servants remain, Maggie and Mr Duncan, and they have kept their sense of humour, which they share with you while they help you explore the mystery that is Werribee Park mansion.

During the play, you get to explore the mansion and its many restored rooms.  You even get to sit around the grand dining table, a table that is out of bounds for the general public.   Wait, what was that?

Dress for the weather, whether hot or cold. There's no heating or air conditioning. Performances will continue even in the rain.

The event runs for 90 minutes which includes 10 to 15 minutes of mingling time.

Available on selected dates throughout the year all year round.

Valid for two people.

Devices must be switched off during the performance.  Photos may be taken after the show. You're also advised to stay with your group at all times. Bathroom breaks may be taken before and after the performance but not during.

The play is recommended for people aged 10 and upwards. Due to there being a staircase which we go up and down once, this event is not suitable for wheelchairs.

Please see the following page for information on our Packaging and Delivery.

Fantastic performance. Would highly recommend this play.