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YAK Aerobatics over Whitehaven Beach
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Take to the skies above world-famous Whitehaven Beach on a 30-minute ultimate airborne adventure that's guaranteed to get your heart pumping like never before.

  • Grab your goggles and inner aviator and prepare for lift-off.
  • Climb into a genuine Yak-52 and strap in tight.
  • Hang on for white-knuckle action as you ascend into the ultimate playground.
  • Experience the true meaning of the word aerobatics in a 30-minute thrill ride.
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

You know you've always wanted to take an aerobatic flight, but weren't quite sure which to choose? With this combination of thrills and views, you are guaranteed to experience the ultimate airborne adventure over one of the most photographed beaches in the country. And with the mighty Yak-52 as your chosen weapon of exhilaration, there's no limit to the thrills you are about to add to your memories.

Located high above the wondrous Whitehaven Beach, this iconic location is the ultimate playground for your airborne adventure. With some of the finest views in the country on offer, you are guaranteed to scream in delight as you marvel at the incredible coastline while zig-zagging and barrel-rolling your way through the clouds.

Four thousand feet up is the perfect balance between altitude and landscape, and your experienced pilot will twist and turn your aircraft into an iconic display of speed and skill. With a full 30 minutes to enjoy the rush of your plane, there has never been a better time or place to fulfil your flying dreams.

Like all flights, poor weather such as rain or high winds will mean the flight is postponed or curtailed to another day.  You will be able to rebook for another flight.

Prepare to be at the venue for 1 hour.  Allow 30 minutes in the aircraft

This flight is available all year round excluding Monday and Tuesday.

Valid for one person.

This aircraft is operated under CASR Part 132 and is designed for special operations. The aircraft is not required to meet the same safety standards as a normal commercial passenger flight. Passengers fly in this aircraft at their own risk.

The maximum weight is 110 kg.  This is no minimum age, however, you must be able to comprehend and understand a safety briefing and be large enough to be secured in the aircraft.

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