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Eynesbury Homestead Dinner and Ghost Tour
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Dare to dine at the Eynesbury Homestead, followed by an unforgettable ghost tour of the Staughton family’s house and grounds.

  • Dinner at the Eynesbury homestead restaurant
  • Discover the illicit secrets of the Staughton family who built Eynesbury
  • Tiptoe past eerie stables and find out the secret of the abandoned meat room
  • Award-winning tour by Australias largest ghost tour operator
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Fascinated by things that go bump in the night? Fancy yourself as a bit of ghost whisperer? Then test your mettle on this ghost tour and dining experience at the notoriously haunted Eynesbury Homestead, Victoria.

Enjoy a relaxing dinner (if you dare!) at Eynesbury’s plush on-site restaurant, making full use of the $30 per person gift voucher to spend as you like on food and drink before your tour.

Then it’s out to the front steps of the Homestead to meet your guide for a ninety-minute tour of the house and grounds.

Famed for its remarkable hospitality and lavish parties, find out why the idyllic 20,000 country estate is not all it seems to be; unearth some of the skeletons in the Staughton family closet; and hear gripping tales of betrayal and murder that will make your hair curl on the award-winning ghost tour that follows.

Find out what lies beneath the men’s quarters at this 150-year-old bluestone mansion. Then, take a look at the haunted lake and discover the secrets of the abandoned meat room.

Tours are conducted in all weather.  It adds to the eerie feeling.

Allow 3 hours.  The tour starts at 6.30 pm.

Available all year round.

Valid for one person.  Tours are limited to 30 people and are led by a team.

We cannot guarantee any contact with the supernatural but the atmosphere will speak for itself.

Not suitable for children under 12.  Tour content may not be suitable for all children and parental discretion is advised.

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