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Swim with Wild Dolphins
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Get in the water and up close to these playful dolphins - you don’t have to be an expert swimmer to join in and no previous snorkelling experience is necessary.

  • Meet the dolphins in a specially designed vessel with an award winning, ecotourism operator
  • Put on your wetsuit, mask and snorkel and get ready for an underwater experience of a lifetime.
  • Suddenly the water is filled with whistles, splashes and laughter - human and dolphin
  • Includes wetsuits and snorkelling gear and a light lunch and refreshments.
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Take a boat trip and discover the fantastic dolphin in its natural habitat. See mothers nursing newborn calves, find out how dolphins use stingrays to catch their dinner or watch the boys showing off for the ladies.

Your adventure begins with cruising Rockingham's sheltered bays and islands in search of any of the 180 local dolphins that your crew have come to know as friends. Before long, the first dolphin sighting is made. The engines are cut to let the dolphins know we are keen to play!

An excited buzz takes over the boat as the crew ensures you're fully prepared to enter the water. Zip your wetsuits up, masks and snorkels on and make your way to the swim deck- it's time to get wet! Sleek, silvery grey dorsal fins start breaking the surface of the water within metres of the back of the boat.

Suddenly, you are surrounded by flashing grey torpedoes, and the water is filled with whistles, splashes, and laughter- both human and dolphin. They don't do tricks, and we don't feed them, we simply spend some time enjoying each other's company....it's a wild encounter!

Departures are subject to prevailing weather conditions.

Cruise duration is approximately 3-6 hours.

The dolphin swim is available every day from 1st September to 31st May.

Valid for 1 person.  Up to 42 people will join you on the Dolphin Swim tour.

This is an eco-tourism operator who respects wild dolphins and their habitat. There is no feeding or expectations on the dolphins to perform tricks. We experience a 99 percent success rate in meeting dolphins.

We recommend this experience is suited for ages 7 years and above.

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