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iFly Intro, Weekday - Gold Coast
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Try true free fall conditions on for size with this sharp introduction to indoor skydiving.

  • Comprehensive pre-flight briefing and one-on-one instruction
  • All flying safety gear, flight suit, helmet, goggles and earplugs
  • 2 x 50-second indoor skydiving flights
  • Personalised flight certificate to commemorate your first skydive
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

An indoor skydiving flight is equivalent to an outdoor 14,000-foot free fall skydive. Except without being bothered by the weather, plane delays, travel time or planes, period.

The secret?

Modern wind tunnels that offer a consistent and practical alternative to jumping from a plane.

You’ll get the incredible adrenaline rush minus all the complications. Just lean into the wind. A massive generator will propel you effortlessly skyward in a giant glass tube. For 50 seconds, you experience true flight!  And an expert personal instructor is by your side for guidance and reassurance.

While you’re in flight, your family and friends can cheer you on. The all-around viewing platform is great for spectating and vicarious thrills. 

It's held indoors so there are no weather limitations.

Allow 30 minutes at the venue with two flights each at 50 seconds.

Available on weekdays only.  For weekend flights, check out the Thrill Experiences website for more detail.  Not valid between 26th December and 15th January.

Options are available to pick up photos and videos of your indoor skydive as mementos.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.  Wheelchair users, those with mobility restrictions, paraplegics, hard of hearing and those with low vision are welcome.Those with plaster cast, pregnant, heart problems or under the influence of alcohol or non-prescriptive drugs are unable to fly.

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