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Rock Climbing Adventure Perth
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Get to grips with the basics of rock climbing techniques and protocol on a variety of outdoor climb walls, so you’ll be good to go pro.

  • Experience more adventure and excitement climbing real rock walls, outdoors in the fresh air
  • Learn from friendly and experienced staff that will adapt their teaching to your climbing abilities
  • Includes a thirst quenching, morning tea break
  • The perfect experience for beginners looking for a thorough training session in basic climbing skills
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Arrive on-site with your enthusiasm, and get fitted for your super climbing boots. You'll commence the safety and training session with your instructor, and learn the important stuff, such as how to tie onto a rope, belaying, climbing protocol and communication.

Venture out to the walls for your first climb! Have fun as you work on improving your climbing style; move up to the harder walls as you become more adept and capable. There is always a harder wall that will satisfy your need for an intense climb.

End the day with a great sense of achievement, having mastered the basics and built up your biceps. And if you want more of a challenge, move on up to a session of intermediate climbing.

Programs are run come rain or shine, so be sure to come prepared for the weather. In the event of program cancellation due to extreme weather conditions, participants will be offered a transfer to another date.

The session runs for 7 hours.

Rock climbing is available throughout the year in Perth.  From November to March at 7am to 2pm and April to October from 8am to 3pm.

Valid for one person.

Suitable for adults and children.

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