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What could be better than a full day of paintballing with your mates and 100 paintballs to start you off? You're getting a full day of fun combat action and adventure, a sense of camaraderie and bravado and a chance to act like a kid again.

  • Enjoy a day of paintball at the only facility rated five stars in Australia.
  • Enjoy a day of combat against other teams, and taste the thrill of victory or defeat.
  • Have fun on the different Hollywood-themed courses, all of which carry some adventure and drama.
  • Get comfortable this is a facility with an impeccable safety record.
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Give yourself an entire day for paintballing fun, because this is a full day of adventure and thrills.

Arrive at the paintballing facility at 9 a.m. and plan to stay for roughly 7 hours. This includes a break for lunch, breaks between courses and an awards ceremony at the end of the day.

When you arrive, receive a briefing on the various paintballing rules and listen in for some tips for successful play.

Suited up in full combat gear, including a combat suit, full helmet, goggles, body armour and weapons, it's time to wage war.

Your weapon is the latest US Spec semi-automatic paintball marker.  It has an ammunition holder that can hold 400 rounds. 100 paintballs are included as part of this package.

Head out and enjoy the adventures and challenges that await at the many Hollywood-themed courses.

You might run through the Checkpoint Charlie course or the Behind Enemy Lines course. You might secure the priceless artefacts on the Tomb Raider course or try to escape from Vietnamese insurgents on the Tropic Thunder course.  It's all up to you.  Just look out - the enemy awaits.

Even if it rains or the weather is otherwise inclement, play continues. You can rest at base camp, which is covered, and keep your personal items in lockers.

Allow a full day from 9am to 4pm

Available throughout the year subject to booking availability.

This voucher is good for a day of paintballing and 100 paintballs per person.

It's best if you wear old boots or running shoes. Make sure that both your clothing and footwear choices lean toward the comfortable.

The minimum age for paintballing is 16 years old in New South Wales.

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