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Whale Watching From a Fast Military Boat
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An awesomely exciting water thrill that combines sights of magnificent whales with an adrenaline-filled jet boat ride to get you there.

  • A Sydney Harbour whale watching sensation to blow you away
  • 2 hours of supreme thrills in a military super boat
  • Uninterrupted views of the magnificent whales
  • Unrestricted speed out on the open seas
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

This jet boat experience is all about power – the power of the sea. The power of a military-fuelled jet boat. And the immense power of the largest creatures on earth, the whale.

Put them all together and it’s one heck of a day out!

Yes, this is whale watching, which is thrilling enough, but when you add the ride of your life getting there it becomes a whole new thrill that cannot really be described.

For starters, the boat ride is just amazing. It’s a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) packing the power of 3 x 300 HP engines. And it currently operates with an unrestricted speed permit on the water that allows it to be the fastest commercially operated vessel on the Sydney Harbour!

That means we can get you to the whales quicker than ever before. The best thing is this boat has a completely open design. It has a low position in the water. That means it gives you the best unobstructed and up-close view of whales you will ever get.

In other words – this is 2 hours of high-speed whale watching and high quality water action you just don’t want miss!

This experience is dependent on the weather and will not take place if the sea or the weather is unfavourable. However, should that happen the experience will be rescheduled.

Allow for 2 hours in the boat.

Available throughout the whale migration season of May to November.

Valid for one person.

Our vessel, Extreme 2, has been built to exacting military standards and has undergone thorough testing to ensure it far exceeds commercial survey standards.

No particular level of fitness or experience is required. People with existing neck/back injuries or who are pregnant are strongly advised not to participate. Adventures must be over 150cm to ride and must be over 16 years old.

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