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Learn Defensive Driving
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With this one-day course at the Mount Cotton circuit in Brisbane, learn how to react to any situation on the road.

  • Drive your own vehicle as you learn how to react in difficult conditions
  • Develop awareness and become a better driver on the road
  • In-depth theory and practical exercises to help you understand how to handle your car
  • From L-platers to seasoned drivers, anyone can improve their driving
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

We all know that driving on the road is not always a smooth ride from point A to B.

Perhaps you would like to drive more safely on the road and react to various situations. Whether you’re a young L-plate driver or someone with several years behind the wheel, this 7-hour course can help you become a better driver in just one day.

During this course at the Mount Cotton circuit in Brisbane, learn how to respond to various conditions you may encounter in your day-to-day driving on the road, be it rain or just a sudden situation happening in front of your car. Improve your vehicle and road awareness in your vehicle, whether it’s a sedan, 4x4 or even a light commercial vehicle.

Your instructors will teach you the theory of driving defensively, from the safety features of modern vehicles to what to observe when you’re going. After your theory lesson, take your car to the course, where your instructor will help you practice driving techniques like emergency braking and sudden lane changes. Then, as you learn to steer your vehicle, you’ll experience how tires can skid in wet weather.

You’ll come out a more skilled driver, able to cope with whatever your morning commute can throw at you.

Occasionally the experience may need to be postponed for safety reasons such as poor track conditions. If the experience needs to be postponed, we'll reschedule it at no cost to you.

Allow 7 hours at the track.

Available on pre-selected dates throughout the year.

Valid for one person to enjoy this special training session.

You must hold a valid driver's license - L, P or above. Bring your license with you the day you go to the centre.  You must be drug and alcohol free as well.

Not suitable for pregnant women or people with heart conditions. You will be asked to sign an indemnity form.

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