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3-hour Dolphin and Seal Sightsee- Adult
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Our Dolphin and Seal Sightsee cruise can be combined with passengers who have booked as swimmers, this way the whole family can enjoy the journey and get up close to the Seal and Dolphin no matter whether you're swimming or sightseeing.

  • All included are refreshments and snacks served on board the cruise
  • Visit Chinaman's Hat, a local spot where the ever curious Australian Fur Seals live
  • Visiting Popes Eye Marine Park for a look at the Australasian Gannets, amazing sea birds
  • Help search for the resident Bottle Nose Dolphins
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

A friendly onboard safety briefing kicks this tour off.  Covering all the facilities and the places to observe the animals, it sets you up for the best dolphin adventure ever.  And this one is an Australian Tourist Award winner.

Cruise past the unique clifftop homes and private beaches of Sorrento and Portsea, onto the sheltered shallows of Port Phillip Bay and out to Chinaman's Hat.

This is the home of the ever-curious Australian Fur Seals.  They sit here waiting as if waiting for the next boat to pass by.  But wait, they have a surprise for you.  They are immensely loveable creatures that like to get up close. 

You might want to peg your nose, though, as they do smell - a lot.

You will be amazed at the friendliness they show and how close you can get to these truly wild creatures.  The guides can help you take some very memorable photos and educate you on these friendly seals.

From Chinaman's Hat, the cruise moves onto Popes Eye Marine Park to look at the Australasian Gannet colony.

Then the search for the inspiring Bottle Nose Dolphins begins. Again, there is no need to jump into the water; our technique will place you right next to the action - where you will have a fantastic view of the world of the dolphins.


All cruises are weather dependent. If cruises are cancelled due to weather, we will contact you as soon as possible to advise you. Cancelled experiences can be rescheduled for a later date that suits you.

Allow 3 hours for the cruise.  You need to arrive 20 minutes early.

Cruises operate daily between November and April each year. We recommend that you book at least 5 days in advance of your preferred date.

Valid for one person. Up to 30 people may join you aboard our vessel on the day.

It must be appreciated that the dolphins are completely wild. There are no guarantees or refunds.  If we don't see dolphins on your tour you are welcome to come back for free within 3 months

Suited for all ages and fitness levels, however we ask that parents with young children understand that the cruise is for 3 hours and is a boat-based activity.

Please see the following page for information on our Packaging and Delivery.

lt was a perfect day, weather wise, and everything went to plan. Unfortunately no dolphins to be found, however the tour was most professional and informative and we saw the the beautiful seals in their natural environment.

We had a lovely relaxing day on the boat sightseeing, although there weren't any dolphins to be found. The operator has given us 50 off return vouchers due to the no show by the dolphins - can't be much fairer than that