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Light Aircraft Starter Pilot Training
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Get off to a flying start with 3 training flights in a dual-controlled light aircraft under the guidance of a CASA certified instructor.

  • Your very own log book with your personal flights
  • Enjoy three training flights in a light aircraft and mark up 2.5 hours in your log book
  • Experienced CASA registered instructor with dual controls to keep you safe while you learn
  • Take home your pilots log book and introductory theory book
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

The flight lesson commences with a classroom briefing covering all you need to know to control the aircraft. Learn pre-flight checks, the basics of flying and safety.

With the briefing over, your instructor walks you through the pre-flight inspection of your training aircraft. Then take your seat in the pilot’s seat. Finally, it’s time to get into the sky. Startup, taxi and take-off, all under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Your first flight is to the south of Moorabbin Airport and lasts around 30 mins. During this time, you get to experience flying the aircraft. You'll quickly feel whether flying is for you.

Upon landing, your flight time goes into your pilot logbook and you receive an aviation theory book to read before your next lesson.

Your second and third flights include a pre-flight briefing and specific flight instructions. Each time you perform pre-flight inspections before taking to the sky for 60-minutes.

Throughout, your instructor guides you as you fly the plane. Keep in mind that your instructor is always available to help and has dual controls if you need assistance.

We fly in weather conditions best suited to beginners. Your instructor has your safety top of mind and will make the call on the day. If your flight is cancelled, you can book another date with your instructor.

Allow 90 minutes at the venue for your first lesson and 2.5 hours for your second and thrid lessons. In total, you'll enjoy approximately 2.5 hours in the cockpit.

Bookings are available 7-days per week. Allow a waiting period of 4-weeks for weekdays and 8-weeks for weekends.

Valid for one person.

The minimum age is 15 years old. Weight restrictions and surcharges apply if you weigh 100kg or more.

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