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737 Flight Simulator Experience, 60 Minutes
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Take the Captain’s seat in a 737-800 flight simulator for a realistic flight in one of the world’s hi-tech airliners.

  • Pre-flight briefing with your first officer
  • Prepare your aircraft for take-off, listen in to aircraft control. It's a realistic experience.
  • Choose from over 22,000 airports to take off from
  • Extended 60 minutes at the controls of the 737-800 flight simulator
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

The 737-800 is the latest flight simulator to come to Sydney, offering you the chance to get behind the cockpit of a hi-tech airliner.  The 737-800 is in service at 100s of airlines around the world.

This flight sim is totally immersive with its 180 degree wrap-around screen, replica cockpit, tailored conditions and over 22,000 airports to choose from.  Our experienced flight instructors provide hands-on guidance to ensure you get the most out of the session on board the 737. 

You begin with pre-flight and start-up procedures and then proceed to fly a complex flight plan encountering a variety of conditions before bringing the 737 to a final landing and shutdown.  You can even add in some weather and engine challenges along the way.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to captain an airliner, then this is as close as it gets!

Not affected by the weather although you can choose the simulated weather.

Allow 80 minutes with 60 minutes spent flying the aircraft.

Available all year round.

Valid for one person.  Up to 4 people can come and sit behind the cockpit and watch your flight for free.

Our simulators are replicas of real cockpits. They are in fact so real that pilots regularly come to us and use our simulators for their own training requirements.

The minimum age for the flight simulator is 5 years old.

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