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737 Flight Simulator Experience, 30 Minutes
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Enjoy 30 minutes in the state of the art cockpit of an 737-800 flight simulator, learning to pilot the aircraft from take-off to landing.

  • Pre-flight briefing with your first officer
  • Prepare your aircraft for take-off, listen in to aircraft control. It's a realistic experience.
  • Choose from over 22,000 airports to take off from
  • 30 minutes at the controls of the 737-800 flight simulator
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

This 30 minute flight simulator experience is the perfect way to fly a state of the art, 737-800. 

From the moment you arrive at the venue you’ll be instantly transported into the world of the jet pilot.

With experienced instructors to hand, you settle into the cockpit of the 737 to run through the basic checks and features.  With stunning visuals, sounds and over 22,000 airports and a wide array of weather conditions to choose from, the sense of realism is uncanny.

Just before take-off you learn the primary controls, instruments and procedures necessary. After permission from Air Traffic Control, accelerate the plane down the runway and launch your aircraft into the clouds.

Picture yourself flying low over mountain tops, managing airspeed, altitude and heading.  It's a truly immersive experience and you'll need maximum concentration to bring the 737 down for a smooth landing.

30 minutes later and you’ll still be left wanting more. 

Not affected by the weather although you can choose the simulated weather.

Allow 45 minutes with 30 minutes spent flying the aircraft.

Available all year round.

Valid for one person.  Up to 4 people can come and sit behind the cockpit and watch your flight for free.

Our simulators are replicas of real cockpits. They are in fact so real that pilots regularly come to us and use our simulators for their own training requirements.

The minimum age for the flight simulator is 5 years old.

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