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Driver Safety Program
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Take your driving to the next level with a defensive driver safety course that dramatically reduces the risk of you ever being involved in an accident.

  • Get to grips learning good driving habits for a safer future on the roads
  • Both theory and on-road practical exercises
  • Dramatically reduce your chance of being involved in an accident
  • Learn what to do in an emergency situation behind the wheel
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

If you are like the majority of drivers, you’ve received no further driver training beyond the initial test you took years ago – and that was basic.  You’d be amazed then at what can be learnt and what behaviours you have picked up that have really increased your risk of an accident. 

Driving is the riskiest activity you complete on a day to day basis, it’s a vital part of your life and this program arms you with the skills to make it much safer.

Through a combination of theory and on-road practical exercises the driver safety program ramps up your skills from understanding the impact of speed, fatigue and distractions to learning how to manage your car when things go wrong.

Areas covered during this introductory half day course include identifying and managing risk, factors in road accidents, speed vs stopping distance, fatigue, low risk driving strategies, speed on impact, emergency braking and anti-lock braking system.

There is always risk associated with driving, however with the right training you can dramatically reduce these risks.  With accredited industry leaders, you’re in good hands.

The experience is not affected by the weather. 

Allow 4 hours at the venue.

Courses are run on a regular basis on weekend dates with both morning and afternoon sessions available.

Valid for one person.

Suitable for all people with a valid driver's license and a road registered vehicle.  Learner drivers must have a supervising driver present.

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