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Exclusive Arcades Lane and Chocolates Tour for 6
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Satisfy your sweet tooth with the amazing Melbourne Lanes and Arcades Chocolate Tour, a one-way journey into a chocolate lover’s paradise.

  • Discover the hidden chocolatiers that create magic.
  • Taste the wonders to satisfy the most demanding sweet tooth.
  • Satisfy your cravings with 6 of the most gifted chocolatiers in Melbourne.
  • Listen to expert guides with an abundance of knowledge on the best places to visit.
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Melbourne. Voted the world’s most liveable city. But hidden in the laneways and arcades of this fabulous city are some of the divine chocolatiers known to man. This is the ultimate tour to take you into the magical world of a sweet tooth’s dream-come-true.

Visit six of the most renowned chocolatiers in the city and sample some of the most delicious chocolate treats possible. Learn the history behind these remarkable creators and watch as they assemble the most incredible selection of delights.

With three hours of the most unforgettable treats to taste, this has got to be the most memorable moment in your chocolate-loving life. Embark on a journey into chocolate-hood, including all tastings and drinks, plus the ultimate fine-dining experience with chocolate-matching wine, patisserie, and coffee.

So, put on your complimentary “I’m a chocoholic” badge, grab your chocolate survival kit and prepare for the definitive chocolatier discovery tour. Will you manage to survive this taste bud delight intact?

The tour is conducted in all weather conditions.

Allow 2.5 hours for this tour.

Available Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the year.

Valid for up to six people.

Infants (0 - 4 years) are more than welcome to come along at no charge however do not part take in chocolate tastings.

Adults and children are welcome.

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