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MGB Roadster Classic Car Hire
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When it comes to classic sports cars, the MGB Roadster is the true, first sports car built for the masses and this one is the 1965 model, and it's all yours to hire.

  • The excitement starts when you pick up your MGB Roadster within the Sydney Metropolitan area
  • You are provided with driving instructions and a full tank of fuel to get you underway
  • The car is as true to the 1960s as ever with only one minor modification - inertia seat belts
  • Travel as far as you like as hire includes 200km, comprehensive insurance and a low excess
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

The 1965 MGB Roadster is a super fun, classic car that's easy on the fuel and exhilarating to drive. Now over 40 years old the MGB still excels with its great sporty looks and an engine sound that's bound to reincarnate that '60s feel.

Take her out into the city, out onto a country road or any place you want to go. Wherever you go, heads will turn your way as this 1965 MGB Roadster has classic sports car looks and remains authentic to the 1960s as you can get. Its only modification has been to the seat belts.

Drive the Roadster, and you'll find it is a fun, sporty and comfortable two-seater. The motor revs more freely than the later five bearing bottom end, making the MGB Roadster a very responsive car to drive for its year.

So get ready to enjoy a fun, fun, fun drive that's guaranteed to fulfil your thrill, thrill, thrill quota.

If the weather looks wet, you can defer to another available date at no extra cost.

Your car hire day is from 8 am to 6 pm and includes 200 km, fully comprehensive insurance and a low excess charge per kilometre over 200 km.

Available throughout the year.

Valid for one person to drive. The car can take two people.

Comprehensive insurance is included but if you are found to be at fault in an accident, your bond is used to cover the cost of repair. A $5000 bond is payable by credit card to the operator prior to your car hire and can be reduced for a fee

Driver's must be 25 years or older. A current, manual driver's license is required. The car must not be used on dirt roads and in motorsports. Delivery and pick up available within the Sydney Metropolitan area at extra charge.

Please see the following page for information on our Packaging and Delivery.

Thoroughly enjoyed our day trip with the MGB, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to experience what it would have been like to take a trip in the English country side, it certainly looked, felt and sounded great. The MGB was very authentic and I was able to gain a true feeling of what it is really like to drive a sports car of yester year without the aid of power assisted brakes and steering. We take for granted all the modern advancements in modern cars to the point where we loose the feeling of truly driving a car. Especially through the sweeping roads of the country side of Picton and The Oaks. I am in the process of considering purchasing an MGB and it was an excellent way of experiencing a truly authentic drive of a 60s sport car at the same time turning a lot of heads, as you cruise around.

While, in retrospect, I rated the experience as Good. That is mainly because it reminded me of what cars were like to drive in the 1960's and how far cars have come since.I have the following particular comments:-I found the car difficult to drive mainly due to the lack of power steering. The car would have been designed for narrower tyres than are used today. I didn't check but suspect the tyres on the car were much wider than those for which the car was designed.If the brakes were power assisted it was not evident. I considered I had to avoid any risk of an emergency stop as the brakes seemed fairly ineffective.The hand brake would not hold the car, even on a modest hill. Fortunately I discovered this before it became an accident risk.The lack of a sun visor was a problem when driving home into the Western sun although, with an open top car, I suspect nothing can be done about this.The gear box was excellent and, although I had not driven a manual car for over 15 years, changing gear never presented a problem.The car cruised beautifully on the way up to Terrigal and back.The overall experience was not helped by the dreadful traffic jam getting onto Pennant Hills Road and then all the way along Pennant Hills Road until we reached the freeway North.