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Globe Riding
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Roll up, roll up for the abundance of hilarities in store with the world's greatest extreme sport - globe riding. Enjoy the ride of your life as you speedily tumble downhill in a giant inflatable ball.

  • Harness yourself into an 11ft high, inflatable transparent globe - it's safe, fun and thrilling.
  • Tumble down the downhill outdoor trail, specially designed for the delights of globe riding.
  • Qualified and friendly instructors here to help you get the most from your experience.
  • A brilliant activity that will leave you feeling wonderfully dizzy - suitable for all members of the family.
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Make your way to the globe riding site with your energy and excitement in tact!

As you are harnessed into the giant globe prepare to have a ball, with probably the most exciting way to travel downhill.

Feel the excitement mounting.  Will you be able to hold it all in as you balance at the top of the hill and look down the slope?  

Strapped in and with a small push, you tumble and floating all at once.  The 2-foot of air between you and the sphere wall ensures a perfectly safe ride from top to bottom.

Globe ride yourself to giddiness and giggles with this fantastic day out with friends and family, and have a good chuckle as you playback your ride on camera.

It has never been such a laugh to get the ball rolling.

Fri, 25 Oct, 2019
Sat, 26 Oct, 2019
Sun, 27 Oct, 2019
Mon, 28 Oct, 2019
Tue, 29 Oct, 2019
Wed, 30 Oct, 2019
Thu, 31 Oct, 2019
Fri, 01 Nov, 2019
Sat, 02 Nov, 2019
Sun, 03 Nov, 2019
Mon, 04 Nov, 2019
Tue, 05 Nov, 2019
Wed, 06 Nov, 2019
Thu, 07 Nov, 2019
Fri, 08 Nov, 2019
Sat, 09 Nov, 2019
Sun, 10 Nov, 2019
Mon, 11 Nov, 2019
Tue, 12 Nov, 2019
Wed, 13 Nov, 2019
Thu, 14 Nov, 2019

Dates are provided as a guideline and are subject to daily change.

This experience is outdoors, and so depends on good weather. In the event that the experience is postponed due to weather, you can re-book another date.

Allow 30 minutes at the venue. The actual time spent in the ball is short.  It's probably only 5 minutes, about the same as skydiving and just like skydiving, this is all about the thrill.

Available every day of the week throughout the year.

Valid for one person.

Bring a camera! Also, feel free to bring a picnic - picnic tables provided. Dogs on a leash welcome.

You must be 4ft 10 or taller, and the maximum joint weight of you and the globe rider must not exceed 180kg. Under 18s need a guardian to sign a waiver form

Please see the following page for information on our Packaging and Delivery.

The staff members at the experience were quite helpful and polite :

Our day of zorbing was really good. Staff were great and very helpful.

Enjoyed every minute of the zorbing ride. It's hard to describe what it's like to roll down in one of the giant zorbing balls. Will be back!

Absolutely terrifying haha

The experience was great, lots of fun and quite scary in a good, adrenline-pumping way It's a shame that it's over in 5 minutes. It is a fair drive out of Melbourne about 2hrs so I would definitely recommend making a day out of it