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Ballarat Cemetery Night Tour
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Dare you venture out into the night and explore the dark side of Australia's premier Gold Rush Cemetery - this will creep you out.

  • Are you ready to meet the Ghosts of Ballarat Cemetery?
  • Can you handle the creepiness in Australias most haunted resting place?
  • Will you succumb to the terror of the Ballarat tombs?
  • Will the horror of the night be all too much or will you make it back for a meal with the same people you started with?
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Cemeteries at night are spooky at the best of times.  But when it’s the cemetery of Ballarat, the chills go even deeper and last longer!  That’s because Ballarat is the famous 1837 Gold Rush town soaked in early Australian history.  And now said to be our most haunted city!

Ballarat has 150 years of ghouls just waiting to be discovered at the cemetery during this extreme and scary night tour.  Who’s that lurking behind the tombstone?

All will be revealed by a leading expert who will be your guide on this super scary Ballarat night tour that will utterly creep you out.  But wait.

What’s that wispy form seeping out of that grave?  Is it one of those who suffered death and destruction at the hands of the 1909 swirling tornado?  Or one of the impoverished men and women of the dole queues as Ballarat entered economic decline?

Only your guide can tell you.  Ballarat means resting place.  The question is, are you ready to go on this ultra chilling, eerie tour and meet the ghosts who won’t lie still?  Will you make it back for dinner?

Tours are conducted in all weather. It adds to the eerie feeling.

Allow 2 to 3 hours - the tour runs for 90 minutes with plenty of time to enjoy the meal. Tours start at 8pm or 9pm during daylight savings.

Available Friday and Saturday throughout the year.

Valid for 1 person.  Tours are limited to 30 people and are led by a team of professional theatrical historians.

We cannot guarantee any contact with the supernatural but the atmosphere will speak for itself.

Not suitable for children under 8. Tour content may not be suitable for all children and parental discretion is advised. Under 18s must be accompanied by a consenting adult.

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