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Lower Light Skydiving, 10 000 Feet
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Skydiving is the ultimate adrenaline experience and at 10000 feet you get an adrenalin packed free-fall reaching speeds of up to 200kmh.

  • Instructors will take you through a 10-15 minute briefing before your jump
  • Then it's into your jump suit, followed by a safety harness
  • Enjoy up to 50 seconds of action, free-falling at up to speeds of 200kmh
  • Photography and DVD are available as extras and payable on the day

It's the ultimate experience that gets the adrenaline pumping. Have you got what it takes?

After a nail biting plane ride to reach the required altitude, the roar of the engines softens and you realise your time has come.  It's now or never as you are 10000 feet over the drop zone.

Safely connected to your tandem master, you jump and scream.  And scream again.

What follows is the free fall - a free-falling experience were you'll experience speeds of around 200kmh.

Just when you're getting used to it, your tandem master deploys the parachute.  From here the views are sensational and there's plenty of time to enjoy them as you float gently into the landing zone.

You made it!  Ready to go again?

If the weather is such that you are unable to jump, we may wait for it to get better. You are requested to call the operator about one hour prior to arriving for your jump. Jumps may be rescheduled.

From the time you arrive until the time you complete your Tandem jump, it may take a couple of hours

This experience is available all year round.

Alcohol and drugs are not to have been consumed or taken, a minimum of eight hours prior to jumping. Glasses and contact lenses can be worn. We will give you a pair of goggles to wear for your skydive which will fit over your glasses.

You should be no more than 95 kg. However, we are often able to take people up to 110kg at extra charge, but this depends strictly on a number of things such as body mass and suitable weather conditions. You need to be in good general health to be able to participate and enjoy your skydive.

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