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For a group outing that’s a flying success, why not try indoor skydiving?

  • All pre-flight briefings plus individual instruction throughout
  • Inclusive hire of all gear, flight suits, helmets, goggles and earplugs
  • 10 x 50-second indoor skydiving flights for 2-5 people to share
  • Personalised certificates for each participant
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

We’re calling it right now. The best group outing you’ll ever have will be quintessentially adrenalin-pumped. But preferably safe and accessible to all.

Meet indoor skydiving.

The simulation of true free fall conditions within a vertical wind tunnel. Each flight consists of 50 seconds of gravity-defying action. The exact equivalent of free fall skydiving in the great outdoors! However, there'll be no logistics, parachuting or leaping from planes to deal with. Just you, your family (or best buds), the air and an incredible rush.

Just lean through the door, into the wind and that’s it. You're flying inside a giant tube.

A massive wind generator will be propelling you up, up, up! Get to see each other fly from our stylish, all-around viewing platform. Are some of you feeling nervous? Worry not, an expert, personal instructor will be there to provide you with guidance and reassurance.

Indoor skydiving is safe but exciting, fun yet realistic. And our state-of-the-art, fully-controlled, ultra-safe environment is the ultimate in accessibility.

It's held indoors so there are no weather limitations.

Allow 90 minutes at the venue with 10 flights at 50 seconds.

Available on weekdays only.  For weekend flights, check out the Thrill Experiences website for more detail.  Not valid between 26th December and 15th January.

Valid for between 2 and 5 people to share.

Options are available to pick up photos and videos of your indoor skydive as mementos.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.  Wheelchair users, those with mobility restrictions, paraplegics, hard of hearing and those with low vision are welcome.Those with plaster cast, pregnant, heart problems or under the influence of alcohol or non-preive drugs are unable to fly.

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