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Segway Experience
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Zoom through the Victorian countryside with ease and excitement, and lose yourself in the tremendous fun of the Segway trails experience. 

  • Ride a Segway personal transporter - a 2 wheel motion controlled vehicle that you manoeuvre with your body weight
  • Glide along the exciting off road 9km tracks at up to 20km per hour
  • No prior experience needed - enjoy a warm up session with the friendly and professional staff
  • Its a perfect day out full of fun and adventure.
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Arrive on site with your enthusiasm and get ready for an amusing and unique ride!

Meet the friendly instructors, who fit you out with a helmet, vest, gloves and sunnies, and give you a quick safety brief so you are safe and sound on the tracks.

Adapt to this new and exciting way to travel, with a quick training session before facing the tracks; gain your balance on the Segway PT and delight in the remarkable feeling of gliding with force and control!

Whizz down the mud tracks with extraordinary swiftness – with just a lean forward or sideways you can change the speed and direction.

As you zip through the beautiful bush surroundings, enjoy the wonderful ride and feel the freshness of the wind on your face. The Segway PT - its an awesome adventure of riding in style, like no other.

This experience is outdoors and depends on moderate or good weather.

Allow 60 minutes at the venue.

Available 7 days a week. You can arrange a time that suits you.

Voucher admits one. Maximum of four people per Segway group.

You must be over 9 years old for this experience. 10-15 year olds qualify as children, and over 15 year olds as adults.

Please see the following page for information on our Packaging and Delivery.

I was extremely nervous about my Segway Adventure but the staff were amazing My husband and I ended up having an awesome time, and left feeling like we'd just accomplished something out of the norm. Highly recommend this operator as they truly go the extra mile

The person we spoke to on the phone was very rude and it was challenging to find the venue and work out whether we were in the right spot. Our personal details were left out on a table with the door open so anyone could get tp them. The actual instructor though was really good and the experience was a lot of fun.