Segway Kings Park Tour

Segway Kings Park Tour

Perth -  129

Segway Kings Park Tour

Perth $129
  • Experienced guide
  • 1.5 hour tour
  • Unique Segway

Segway City Riverside Tour

Perth $89
  • 1-hour tour
  • Unique ride
  • Knowledgable guide

Segway Experience

Have you ever sat back and wondered whether there was really anything left to discover in the way of transportation? With cars, trucks, bikes, scooters, trains and buses already around, what else could possibly be out there? That's what Dean Kamen thought as well and at the turn of the millennium, before unleashing a brand-new form of transport that has gripped the world in a raging phenomenon.

The Segway arrived in 2001 and since then, has taken the planet by storm, with a unique experience on two wheels that has to be experienced. With no steering wheel to help you, the vehicle requires riders to use nothing more than balance and body weight to manoeuvre themselves. The end result is as insanely cool as it sounds.

Climb aboard this vehicle and get ready to have your mind blown by an experience like no other. With simple instructions and a little bit of guidance, be whisked away on a two-wheel drive adventure for the ages. Lean your way towards an epic off-roading experience, where a truly unique mode of transport has the power to bring out your inner child, regardless of your skill level. Want to be reminded of what fun really is?