Seaplane Flight and Lunch at Jonah's for Two

Sydney $1180
  • 3-course lunch
  • Return flights
  • Perfect for couples

Seaplane Fly and Dine at Cottage Point Inn

Sydney $605
  • Exclusive experience
  • Dock at the restaurant
  • 3-course lunch

Seaplane to Jonah's, Dinner For Two

Sydney $1180
  • 3 course dinner
  • One way flight
  • Chauffeured return
Seaplane Flight for Two

Seaplane Flight for Two

Sydney -  630

Seaplane Flight for Two

Sydney $630
  • Immaculately restored
  • Famous landmarks
  • Perfect for photography

Seaplane Flight and Shark Island Tour for 2

Sydney $850
  • Sydney highlights
  • Depart at Shark Island
  • Enjoy a hamper

Seaplane Flight and Lunch at Berowra Waters

Sydney $555
  • 40-minute flight
  • 4-hours at Berowra
  • 3-course a-la-carte lunch

Sydney Highlights, Seaplane Flight for Two

Sydney $460
  • Stunning views
  • 15 minute flight
  • Immaculate seaplane
Sydney Seaplane Highlights

Sydney Seaplane Highlights

Sydney -  230

Sydney Seaplane Highlights

Sydney $230
  • Beautiful vintage seaplane
  • Stunning views
  • 15 minute flight

Seaplane Flights

Get ready to soar into the sky from one of the most unconventional landing strips in the world. The water has never looked more appealing than when viewed through the windscreen of your seaplane. With the smooth blue canvas stretched out before you, hang on for the ride of your life as your professional pilot hurtles you and your aircraft down a runway like never before

A seaborne adventure has never felt this incredible, as you soar into the skies above. Leave the waters far below and reach new heights of excitement, with a front-row seat like never before. See the sights of the most beautiful harbour in the world and get ready to fill your camera with photos that have to be seen to be believed. With a skyline as breathtaking as Sydney's, the photo opportunities are endless, with something new and exciting to capture each and every moment of your flight. From the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and the highest point of the city itself, the instantly recognizable Sydney Tower, your flight aboard this extraordinary seaplane is a truly magical experience.

Whether it is a straight-up sightseeing flight you prefer, or a gorgeous flight and meal experience, nothing can fully prepare you for this alternative adventure in the sky. And just as you think things couldn't get any more exciting, the final landing will have you holding your breath, as your seaplane coasts in for a smooth landing on the beautiful harbour itself. With several unique flight experiences for you to choose from, maybe this is one of those opportunities where a single flight won't be enough.