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Abseiling and Fun Climbing Half Day
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Experience the adrenaline rush of descending a rock-face with ropes at this session in Western Australia.

  • Learn how to descend a rock face safely with ropes
  • No experience needed as our qualified and experienced instructors will guide you.
  • Tackle three pitches of various heights throughout the session
  • We provide a comfortable helmet, harness and all abseiling hardware for a safe experience
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Feel like challenging your fear of heights? Abseiling is a safe activity to help you discover the fun of coming down from a height quickly yet safely. You’ll find that bouncing down a wall on a rope will become one of the most exhilarating activities you’ll ever do.

Even if you have never climbed or abseiled, you can have lots of fun at this half-day session. Our qualified and experienced instructors will literally teach you the ropes and help you gradually develop the skills for abseiling. We provide a comfortable harness and all the abseiling hardware you need for a safe and fun experience.

First, try the 14-metre high wall for novices. Your instructor holds onto your safety line so you can descend without worry. The first time may be nerve-wracking as you learn how to trust your instructor and your ropes, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

When you’ve developed a bit of confidence and you’re looking for more of a challenge, move on to the 25-metre high overhang. Experience the thrill of bouncing down the cliff. Now you’ve become an abseiling addict, that height won’t be enough for you. Prepare yourself for the ultimate thrill: the 50-metre descent.

So give it a try and you‘ll discover some new skills and confidence as you experience vertical thrills!

The adventure is conducted come rain or shine, so be sure to come prepared for the weather. In the event of program cancellation due to extreme weather conditions, participants will be offered a transfer to another date.

The session runs from 7am to 2pm during summer, and 8am to 3pm during winter.

Available throughout the year.

Valid for 1 person. You will be abseiling with 6 or more people.

Make sure upon booking, that you inform the staff whether you have any relevant medical conditions. Morning tea is provided, but bring anything extra if you like.

This experience is suitable for adults and children.

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