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Test the limits of your driving skills in your choice of real, hi-tech, Australian Rally Championship forest racers. Live and feel the amazing sensation of rally driving.

  • Drive 8 laps in each of two cars with a rally championship, professional instructor sitting with you
  • Select 2 cars on the day - a Subaru WRX STi and Mitsubishi Evo8 or stick to the one car
  • Receive coaching and encouragement to push the limits and enjoy a taste of this extreme sport
  • You will be strapped into the co-drivers seat while our pro takes you for a full-on Hot Lap

When it comes to rally sports cars, there is nothing like an all wheel drive turbo EVO 8 and WRX STi. These cars are all about responsive handling and incredible power.  And on the day of your rally drive you get to choose to drive in both or stick to the same. 

Your instructor briefs you on the track, the cars and the safety requirements.  You get expert tips on how best to drive a rally car through the corners and down the straights.  A demo drive by your instructor gives you the feel for the track, correct technique and how to avoid common mistakes.

Then it's on with the suit and helmet and into the driver's seat. Turn the engine on and feel the raw power of these cars.

Drive 8 laps in each of the two cars, coached by a professional rally professional instructor. With 12 amazing laps to enjoy you quickly learn to whip the car at speed into a corner and with full sideways action.  You'll be racing away down the straights.  No-one can describe that amazing sensation of being in control and nailing the exits of corners.

After a break, jump into the passenger seat.  Your instructor nails it with a full on hot lap around the circuit.

Sat, 03 Nov, 2018
Sun, 04 Nov, 2018
Sat, 10 Nov, 2018
Sun, 11 Nov, 2018
Sat, 24 Nov, 2018
Sun, 25 Nov, 2018

Dates are provided as a guideline and are subject to daily change.

Good weather is required for Rally Driving on Dirt. Final decisions and judgments are made at the track by our experienced professional drivers.

You will be with us for approximately 2 hours.

Courses are held regularly at most venues throughout the year.

No previous experience is necessary, as long as you can competently drive a manual road car. Guests, mates, family are welcome. Bring a camera or video. In car DVDs are available on the day for $50.

Suitable for ages 16 to 90. Please advise at time of booking, any medical conditions that could affect the safety of you, the participant or others on the day. Max weight 130kgs. Max height 6 foot and 3 inches.

Please see the following page for information on our Packaging and Delivery.

If ever there was a great present to give anyone then I'd recommend this one. Great instructors, well maintained cars. Very much liked the EVO as it felt tighter than the WRX. The V8 was fun being rear wheel drive but give me the EVO anyday.

It was awesome!! Was definately worth the money we paid and I had an absolute ball. The staff on site were excellent, no dramas whatsoever and I think despite the company only beginning operations at this particular track the day before, they had no bugs, no dramas and it all ran seamlessly despite their recent move

I had a great time sliding the WRX into the corners. It took a bit of getting used to but my instructor was a great help and after the second lap I had a ball.

Thanks to everyone at the track. My son and I had a brilliant time. I'd go for the Evo as it felt tighter but my son is a WRX nut and there's no chance he'd opt for anything else.

It was a great rally drive. Even better with the switch to the different car. Tried the Evo and found it was much tighter than the WRX.

I had a fantastic time loved every minute of it