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Rally Driving Two Car Blast, 16 Laps
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Experience rally driving at Steinfeld with 8 laps in each of the 2 cars - that's a mouth watering 16 laps of adrenaline pumping action.

  • 16 laps of heart-pounding rally driving on the amazing Steinfeld, Walky Park rally track
  • Experience the thrill of true brute rally power in a choice of a turbo Subaru and Mitsubishi Evo
  • Discover the secrets of sideways cornering, and race away down the straights just like a true rally pro
  • Then enjoy a sensational hot lap driven by your professional rally race driver
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Welcome to Steinfeld, SA…a great place for rally driving! Situated north east of Adelaide, Steinfeld is just off the Sturt Highway and is the perfect place rallying because of its fabulous open spaces and glorious dirt tracks.

What's the bottom line?

The great thing about this rally drive experience is you get to drive 2 cars! So, what will it be? The Turbo charged Subaru or Mistubishi Evolution or stick with the one car? 

You get to drive 8 laps in each of the two cars - that's a mouth watering 16 laps. And it’s all to be enjoyed in the company of a professional rally instructor who will take you through all the great rally manoeuvres including a demo lap. Then give you one burning hot lap with him at the wheel. Now that’s what we call a real blast!

Sat, 06 Jul, 2019
Sun, 07 Jul, 2019

Dates are provided as a guideline and are subject to daily change.

Good weather is required for rallying on dirt. Final decisions and judgments are made at the track by our experienced professional drivers.

You will be with us for approximately 2 hours.

Courses are held regularly at most venues throughout the year.

No previous experience is necessary, as long as you can competently drive a manual road car.  Guests, mates, family are welcome too, bring cameras, videos etc

Suitable for ages 16 to 90. Please advise at time of booking, any medical conditions that could affect the safety of you, the participant or others on the day. Max weight 130kgs. Max height 6 foot and 3 inches.

Please see the following page for information on our Packaging and Delivery.

I was very pleased with the rally event. The only problem is it went too fast. I wanted to drive more as I had just really got into it. Brilliant day though.

This I purchased for my husband for his birthday. He'd done the V8s before so thought this would be a little different. He was second up to take the WRX out onto the track and came back with a beaming smile. The second time round it was the same again. Very pleased with this gift. Thanks for helping with my selection.