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Why we love Rally Driving

In a word: total awesomeness! Okay that's two words...but truth is you could fill this whole page with the number of adjectives to describe the great thrills that are unique to rally driving.

Your experience begins with a welcome and introductory briefing including some of the basic rally driving techniques that will not only help keep you safe, but also ensure you get the most from your time behind the wheel of our WRX STI's, Holden Ute's and Evo 8's. You'll learn all about the track. How to whip the car at speed into a corner with full sideways action. Get to race away down the straight and how to nail those corner exits. You'll be amazed by the responsive handling. You'll be blown away by the incredible power.

Then to cap it all off many of the rally experiences will see your instructor taking to the wheel with you as the passenger. You'll experience the thrill of rally car racing for some burning hot laps. Phew! Talk about senses in overdrive, this will get you really buzzing.