Kayaking, Brunswick River Nature Tour, Child

Byron Bay $50
  • Learn to kayak
  • Expert guides
  • Snorkel from the banks

Kayaking - An Experience with Nature

There's something about this unique water activity that continues to attract so many thousands of people to it each and every day. Just you, your paddle, your own personal watercraft and an untamed landscape to pass you by. Is there any better way for you to get back with nature and rediscover the adventurer inside you?

A kayaking adventure is so much more than a simple water activity. It is the kind of experience that first intrigues you, then draws you in and keeps you enthralled in an epic ride to bliss. Whether you prefer the calm and relaxing atmosphere of a beautiful mountain-top lake, or the thrilling, white-knuckle adventure of a full-on white-water experience, the options are endless.

This is the perfect way to reach an untouched wilderness, inaccessible on foot and only visible to those who follow the water line. It's the ultimate way to simply stop in the middle of a lake, pause and reflect on the beauty of nature, with the silence of the world passing by. From the city, to the country; from the lakes, to the rivers and streams; this is the perfect experience to get back to nature.