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Mavrick Jet Fighter Mission in a L-39C Albatros
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Stand aside Tom Cruise, this is the real thing - a 40-minute fighter jet experience with super-fast torque rolls, lumcovak, hesitation rolls and many more.

  • A Czechoslovakian L-39C Albatros Fighter jet
  • In depth briefing covering the flight mission and aerobatic manoeuvres
  • Enjoy 40 minutes of fun in the air
  • A once in a lifetime experience
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Many have entertained the dream of becoming a fighter pilot, but only the very few have come close to making it a reality.  Well, now you can get a little bit closer to reality by flying in a Top Gun Czechoslovakian L-39C Albatros Fighter Jet. It's the next best thing to flying a fighter jet.

Your pilot for the day kicks off the fun with a full mission briefing that covers flight intensity, safety, communication procedures and the flight path. A detailed run-through of the aerobatic manoeuvres gets you prepared for what's to come. Then its time to kit out with the jet fighter attire including flight suit and fighter helmet.

Safely strapped into the jet fighter, a final run through and system check and you’re ready for the take-off.  

The roar of the jet spooling up is one thing, but the sheer exhilaration of 4,000 pounds of jet firing you down the runway is simply mind-blowing. You quickly ascend to a safe altitude over your mission area and complete a full range of aerobatic manoeuvres - as mild or wild as you like.

The L-39C is incredibly agile, and you'll be looping, rolling and blasting through the skies with G-forces of up to 6.5 and speeds of up to 900 km/h.

Following the aerobatic session, you make your way back to Archerfield for a de-brief and photo.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a perfect experience for Top Gun fans and adrenalin-junkies alike.

The experience is subject to good weather.  In the case of inclement weather, the operator may postpone the event.  In such cases, you are able to rebook for another date directly with the operator.

Allow 60 minutes at the venue.  Your flight is for 40 minutes.

Available throughout the year.

Valid for one person.

Missions are usually conducted over Jumpinpin or Laravale but the decision is made by air traffic control on the day of the flight.

Minimum age is 12 years old.  The flight involves high G forces.  Not suitable for people with heart conditions or pregnant women. Maximum weight 136kg.

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