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Hot Air Balloon Flight, Hawkesbury - Weekday
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Experience the same thrill man felt when he first took to the skies in a hot air balloon, way back in 1783 - a true adventure of flight near Sydney.

  • Experience the rush of hot air ballooning the way they did in 1783
  • Help the crew rig the balloon before soaring high into the dawn sky
  • Enjoy wonderful panoramic views of Hawkesbury Valley region and the Blue Mountains
  • Optional buffet breakfast available

This hot air balloon flight offers a diverse landscape close to Australia’s largest city.  

The location is at the foot of the Greater Blue mountains wilderness area.  The evergreen fields of the Hawkesbury farmlands paint a stunning patchwork quilt next to the quiet meandering of the Hawkesbury River and surrounding townships.

It all starts at dawn when you get to help the crew rig the balloon and prepare for lift off.  Then it’s up, up and away as dawn breaks and the light morning breeze transports you gracefully over the wakening city below.

This is a true adventure balloon flight using the wind for propulsion and steering.  Just like man first felt when he took to the skies in the Montgolfier Balloon back in 1783.  And just look it all as the magnificence unfurls before you and you soar high into the sky for stunning panoramic views of the city skyline.  Then the countryside.  And then the Blue Mountains.

We don’t know exactly where you will end up...which is what makes ballooning so much fun.  But after you have skimmed low over the trees, houses and parks we can guarantee you will finish the day with a big smile.

Thrilling and relaxing.  This is what you get with a hot air balloon flight Sydney style.

Hot air ballooning is very dependent on the weather. Passengers are requested to check with the operator the day prior and on the morning of their flight for weather/ flight information.

Flights are approximately 45 -  60 minutes in duration but allow 2.5 hours for the entire experience.

This experience is available weekdays only.  Hot Air Ballooning takes place all year round subject to availability and the weather.

Bring a camera as there are plenty of shots to be taken. A hot catered breakfast is available to order on the day. Passengers are required to complete an indemnity release prior to flying.

Prior to booking individuals must ensure they have no medical condition that will effect their participation. You should be fit enough to climb into the balloon basket with little assistance.

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