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Hands On Flight in a Helicopter
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Have you ever looked up at a helicopter flying overhead and wondered what it would be like to fly one yourself?

  • A one on one trial flight supervised by a fully qualified pilot
  • Feel the adrenalin rush as you take the controls for the first time
  • Enjoy a flight that lasts 40 minutes - a great opportunity to learn the techniques of flying a helicopter
  • If you are up to it, the pilot will demonstrate a simulated engine failure
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Feel and sense what it's like to be a helicopter pilot from the smells, the communications with tower control to taking over the controls.  Yes.  You heard it right.  You take the controls and fly the helicopter in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It all begins with the pilot getting clearance for take-off - a vertical take-off.  And the fun continues as you learn about the controls for forward, backward and sideways flight. Find out how to stay motionless in the air and when you are ready, your instructor transfers the controls over to you.

The adrenalin climbs up a notch or two as you take the controls and manoeuvre the helicopter all by yourself.

Your instructor demonstrates the techniques with some low flying and different movements which you can learn and apply during your 30-minute helicopter flight.

Along the way, if you are feeling up to it, your instructor demonstrates a simulated engine failure -a manoeuvre that's not for the faint-hearted but it's entirely up to you.

This experience is affected by the weather. In the case of poor conditions, we will reschedule your experience for a later date.

Allow 1 and a half hours. The flight lasts for 40 minutes.

Available throughout the year.

Valid for 1 person.

Suitable for all ages 16 and up. You should weigh no more than 100kg.

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