What topples your gyros?

If you want extreme, you've got it! Or rather we have it, just for you, with aerobatic flights that will simply blow you away. Vertical rolls. Tail slides. Snap rolls. And G forces of up to 6g and -5g as you tumble, seemingly out of control, across the sky and over the beach in a Pitts Special S2C. That's what you get with the G-Up Aerobatic Flight.

We have flight simulations to enjoy for those who want an aviation experience but are not quite ready to leave the ground! Either way, we're pretty sure whatever you choose will be the flight of your life. We may not be able to get you a trip to the moon (yet), but a flying gift experience is as close to an out-of-this-world gift as you'll ever get.

On the other hand, we have the other extreme, and the sublime serenity to be basked in when you go Hot Air Ballooning across the city skyscape or rural landscape. On nothing but the gentle roll of the breeze. The first mode of air travel from way back in 1783; hot air ballooning is just as tranquil and delightful as it ever was. Ideal for romantic couples or special anniversaries.