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Drive a Lamborghini Aventador LP700, 1 Hour
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Take a world-famous supercar on a jaw-dropping million-dollar spin through the Melbourne city streets!

  • Get one full hour of driving through Melbourne in this notorious growler of a supercar
  • Drive safely and securely with your very own trained instructor beside you throughout
  • Live on a whole different level behind the wheel of this incredible piece of engineering
  • Includes guidance and support from an experienced team of motoring professionals
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

If you're a car enthusiast, here's a face you'll immediately recognise. The Lamborghini Aventador LP700 and its classic menacing visage. One of the world's most famous, no less. Its price tag of a million dollars poses no deterrence to an unbelievably long waiting list of owners. Everyone wants to get their foot on the pedal of this exquisite machine. Just you wait for rolling down the street in the Lamborghini Aventador LP700 to transform a quick coffee run into a pure spectacle. You'll have all eyes popping as you pull in. Trust and believe.

Built for speed, this bedroom poster supercar is also one of the world's most sophisticated ever made. What's it really like to drive one, you ask? Well, the eccentric exterior is a scene-stealer, for sure. But on a deeper level, the massive engine just kills it. Generating the most amazing music you've ever heard on the street, this is the real deal supercar. One that's immediately iconic, with zero compromises on price (who needs a mil anyway).

Falling for the Lamborghini isn't complicated by any stretch of the imagination. But having the right people bring you an experience this insane, but in a way, that's safe and secure? Truly priceless. We're here to ensure you have the most fabulous time you can in a Lamborghini. And have the memories to treasure afterwards. Join us and see stars!

In poor weather such as rain or high winds, the experience may be postponed.  You will be able to reschedule the drive for another date directly with the operator.

Allow 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Your drive lasts 1 hour in total.

Available on selected dates throughout the year.

Valid for one person.  Family and friends are welcome to take photos and wave you off.

This Lamborghini has an automatic transmission.

The driver must be over the age of 30 with a full drivers license.  On the day you must have an alcohol reading with a BAC of 0.0.

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