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Ferrari Spyder 360 Passenger Ride, St Kilda
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Take a ride in a true modern Supercar, the Ferrari 360 Spyder, a two door with lots of grunt.

  • In car tuition on a one on one basis helps you learn about the features and capabilities
  • Ride in the Ferrari Spyder for 30 minutes on the roads around St Kilda
  • This supercar is a powerhouse V8 with 294 kW pulling power
  • You'll be one of the few that has driven a late model Ferrari 360 Spyder supercar

There are few cars that stand out even amongst the world of supercars. The Ferrari 360 Spyder, is one of them.

The car is perfectly presented and features many upgrades, which keeps its weight down and makes for an impressive vehicle to look at.

It has amazing power, created by a 3.6 litre V8 engine.  This supercar is a pure beauty.  A head turner.

The acceleration and the way it hugs the road is very special.  For one, the Ferrari can go from 0-100kph in a mere 4.5 seconds.  And it has a top speed of 282 kmh. 

With an instructor at the wheel, you get a full demonstration of what truly makes this a modern supercar. 

Travelling on a variety of roads and highways for 30 minutes, we guarantee you arrive back awe struck, dumbfounded.  It's a dream machine not to be missed. 

This experience may be postponed due to inclement weather.  If your experience is cancelled due to weather, you can rebook directly with the operator.

The supercar experience lasts 30 minutes.

Available on selected weekday and weekend dates throughout the year.

Participants are permitted to bring 1 or 2 people with them to the departure point.

Passenger does not need a driver’s license – perfect for younger supercar fans.  Minimum height 145cm.

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