Dance like a Star

Are you ready to get off the couch and discover a whole new level of fun and excitement? With a range of thrilling dance and fitness experiences for you to sample, this could be a whole new adventure for you to explore. These are the activities you need to experience to fully appreciate, the amazing appeal as endless as their mystery.

Whether hip-hopping your way through some of Melbourne's best dance classes, or perfecting your wedding-day first dance, get ready for an entirely new method of fun. And the dancing is just the beginning on this journey into body movement. There's a lot more to this activity than just the mainstream offerings.

Pole dancing has taken the world by storm, revealing itself as so much more than just the proverbial. With a certain level of strength and fitness, this is the perfect way for you to discover the seductive art of one of the fastest growing fitness activities on the planet. Who would have thought that pole dancing in Sydney would ever be as fashionable as it has become? If you've ever dreamed of dancing your way to ballroom glory, tangoing it up with the finest dancers, then here's the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Or maybe salsa is what your heart desires, perfecting some of the hottest dance moves ever invented. Then get your dancing shoes on and prepare for a dance and fitness extravaganza like never before.