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Illawarra Fly Zipline
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Fly from up high on a zipline tour that takes you through a series of elevated cable spans and suspension bridges with panoramic views of the Pacific.

  • A unique eco-wilderness adventure in the Southern Highlands rainforest
  • 1 hour of Zipping through treetops with panoramic views out to the Pacific Ocean
  • Fully guided tour conducted by professionals
  • Includes self-guided treetop walk above the forest
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

It’s officially the highest zipline tour in all of Australia, right here in the Southern Highland rainforest.  The zipline tour involves flying on a series of elevated cable spans and high up suspension bridges and specially connected tree platforms that we like to call cloud stations.

Upon arrival at the venue, you are introduced to your guides.  Your guides control all departure and arrivals between platforms whilst offering some great insight into the forest history and unique features.

Harnessed up, you’ll zip through the treetops with panoramic views out to the Pacific Ocean.  You’ll be able to see trees and forest ecology in a new light and learn about the growing and vibrant forest.

It gets better:

With your feet safely back on the ground, you can take a self-guided tree top walk and enjoy the forest from a new perspective.  The 1.5km walk takes in the native forest, steel walkways and a massive central tower that rises up above you by 50m.  There’s an abundance of wildlife to see from wombats, lyrebirds, echidnas, sugar gliders and the dusky antechinus.

Zipline plus tree top walk – it’s an experience you’ll not forget.

Tours are affected by the weather and may be rescheduled in extreme weather or poor conditions.

You need to allow 2.5 hours for the entire experience with 1 hour on the zipline and the remainder on the tree top walk.

Available every day throughout the year.

For under 18s, a parent or guardian must provide consent and be present. Children under 13 years must be accompanied by an adult.  

Max weight 120kg.  Min height 105cm. Min age 4 years old.  If you are 105-120cm, you will need to zipline in tandem with an adult. Max combined weight 120kg. 

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