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It's time to take thrill experiences to new heights with an exhilarating aerobatic flight aboard a CT4 Airtrainer that's guaranteed to rock your world.

  • Reach for the skies with an out-of-this-world flying experience.
  • Hit speeds over 380kph.
  • Experience insane G-forces that will leave you gasping for breath.
  • Prepare to hit your adrenalin red-line with this amazing adventure.
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

The CT4 Airtrainer aircraft is your weapon of choice for this ultimate airborne adventure. With a proud history of training genuine Royal Australian Air Force pilots, there's a reason why this aircraft is perfect for the job. So if you have always wanted to experience crazy aerobatic manoeuvres, then prepare to be wowed.

The CT4 Airtrainer can speed up to 383kph, rocketing you into the sky for a session of unbelievable twists and turns. Think you can handle 6G and -3G of mind-bending aerobatic sequences designed to thrill? Then prepare to satisfy your inner speed demon.

If flying in a straight line has never really cut it for you, then take things to the next level with the ultimate aerobatics flying experience. Nothing will come close to the incredible display this aircraft is capable of and will ensure you hit your thrill metre's peak. 

In some conditions your flight may need to be rescheduled or certain movements may be avoided. The operator will call you if your flight needs to be rescheduled due to weather.

Allow one hour with approximately 25 minutes in the aircraft from engine start to engine stop.

The experience is available all year round. We recommend booking at least two to three weeks in advance.

Valid for one person.  Only you and your qualified pilot will be in the aircraft during your flight.

Spectators are welcome to see you off. You will need to sign for a visitors pass at the operators facilities. You'll need to sign an Acknowledgement of Conditions' form for flight in a limited category aircraft.

Minimum age is 6. Max height 6 foot 3 inches and weight 110kg. If you fit into a standard car seat you should be comfortable in the cockpit. Unsuitable for pregnant women. The aircraft is capable of abrupt movement. We recommend you obtain medical advice if you have a prevailing condition.

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