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Stunt Driving Experience
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The only stunt driving course of its type anywhere in the world ready to fulfil all your fantasies of being a movie stunt driver.

  • Learn to drive like Michael Caines stunt double in the Italian Job
  • Enjoy the sheer fun and excitement of 180s, 360s and doughnut turns
  • Fly through the air as if you were in a real movie chase scene
  • A totally unique experience exclusive to Australia and available nowhere else in the world
  • Includes experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

Everyone loves Michael Caine in the Italian Job.  Especially the way he handles his Mini Cooper and…

What? Are you kidding? You mean it’s not Mr Caine doing the stunt driving?  Oh. Then who is?  Of course – it’s a professional stunt driver whose name no one remembers.  But if you have ever wondered what it must be like to be in a car when it’s up on just two wheels or how it must feel to fly through the air, then Melbourne is the place to find out.

Yes, believe it or not, you too can become a stunt driver for the day and learn all the skills you need to perform the amazing feats you see in the movies.  There’s so many to try. 180’s, 360’s, doughnut turns, ramp to ramp jumps with a 50-foot run-up.

And to top it all you can even learn how to perform 180 degree parallel parking. Just imagine. Next time one of your friends says - How do they do that? - you will be able to smile and say - Let me tell you.

Plus, as Melbourne is the only place in the world offering this unique Mini driving experience, there is no doubt you will come away with an extra spring in your step.

The stunt driving experience is not affected by light rain but heavy downpours do. We advise that you call the operator on the day if in doubt. Details are provided during booking.

From the time you sign in, you will spend approximately 3 hours learning stunt driving techniques.

This experience is available all year round subject to prevailing weather conditions. The experience is conducted twice per day.

Valid for one person. Up to 30 participants may attend on the day.

You must hold a current drivers license (P Plates are ok) to take this experience and be reasonably proficient with operating a manual transmission car.

You should be taller than 4ft 10 inches and no taller than 6ft 5 inches. Helmets are provided on the day. Participants are required to sign an indemnity prior to commencing the practical component of the course.

Please see the following page for information on our Packaging and Delivery.

A must - gotta do it.

Sensational. You see it on the movies but hey I was doing some of those spins too. The ramp jump was a bit hairy but enjoyed the adrenalin charge as much as the jump.

Very well organised, service from gifts that thrill was very good. i was very happy.

Fantastic that the instructors were V8 Supercar drivers.